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Monday, November 13 2023 - 18:02
Yili Joins China International Import Expo for Six Consecutive Years
SHANGHAI, Nov. 13, 2023 /Xinhua-AsiaNet/--

On November 5, the 6th China International Import Expo (CIIE) opens in 
Shanghai. As an "old friend" of the CIIE, Yili was once again invited to 
participate in the opening ceremony and its flagship forum. Yili showcased its 
high-quality products from its subsidiary Oceania Dairy at the CIIE, 
demonstrating China's Dairy Industry's Openness and Development.

Yili enriched its product portfolio at the event this year, introducing more 
products such as Satine pure milk sourced from dairy farms at 45 degrees South 
in New Zealand; Jinlingguan RuiHu milk powder, a product of Yili's 21-year 
breast milk investigation; and Westgold butter, a gold medalist at the New 
Zealand Champions of Cheese Awards. On the first day of the event, Yili's 
booth, which was constructed completely from carbon negative materials, 
attracted a lot of visitors, who wanted to try out its healthy and nutritious 
dairy products. The booth had a package recycling machine; once the audience 
finished drinking the milk, they could put the empty carton into the "recycling 
port" and get a carton of Satine New Zealand Whole Milk from the milk outlet 

Oceania Dairy, a subsidiary of Yili that participated in this exhibition, is 
the world's largest integrated dairy base in New Zealand. This base engages in 
multiple fields such as research, production, processing, and packaging and 
other activities. Over the years, Yili has expanded its presence in in 
countries such as New Zealand, Thailand, and Indonesia, sourced milk from the 
Netherlands, Denmark and other countries, and partnered up with top global 
suppliers such as Tetra Pak, Cargill, and Roquette for technical cooperation as 
well as universities and research institutions.

Yili has a world-leading innovation system that covers the whole value chain in 
terms of technological innovation. It has made many technological advances that 
enhance the chain's resilience. For example, Yili is the first dairy producer 
to increase the lactoferrin retention rate in room-temperature milk from 10% to 
more than 90%.

In terms of digitalization, Yili has integrated digital upgrading into the 
entire industry chain, and built smart pastures, intelligent factories, and 
digitalized consumer operations across domains, scenarios, and life cycles, to 
continually enhance the quality and efficiency of the industry chain 

Recently, Yili released its FY2023 Q3 results, and its total operating income 
for the first three quarters was close to the "100 billion" mark, reaching 
97.404 billion yuan. 

As Yili grows fast, it uses its strengths as a leading enterprise to enable and 
lead the entire industry chain to benefit from development opportunities. On 
the one hand, Yili has pooled global resources to build modern dairy industry 
clusters in Inner Mongolia, Ningxia, Gansu, Heilongjiang and other areas, 
empowering local industrial development. The Yili Modern Intelligent Health 
Valley is a typical representative of global cooperation. On the other hand, 
Yili has actively pursued its overseas presence and engaged in win-win 
cooperation with local companies. For example, Yili's Indonesia Dairy 
Production Base employs more than 97% local staff, and has also formed 
cooperative relationships with over 100 quality suppliers in Indonesia.  
Currently, Yili operates 81 production bases across the globe, and sells its 
products to more than 60 countries and regions, enhancing its operating 
performance and sustained growth.

Yili has been a part of the CIIE for six consecutive years since its inception. 
As the leader of China's dairy industry, the company has contributed to the 
growth of the CIIE. The CIIE has also helped Yili increase its overseas market 
share, establish relationships with partners and customers, and improve its 
supply chain.

Source: Yili Group

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