Country for PR: China
Contributor: Xinhua News Agency
Monday, November 20 2023 - 21:39
"Yantai High-Quality Products" Debut in Beijing and Receive Acclaim
YANTAI, China, Nov. 20, 2023 /Xinhua-AsiaNet/--

A special promotion activity titled "Where excellence is made, Welcome to 
Shandong" kicked off at the Beijing Exhibition Center on November 10, 2023. A 
group of high-quality and socially renowned Shandong products with significant 
market influence came together to Beijing. This event provided both domestic 
and international guests with a close-up experience of Shandong's hospitality 
and outstanding products, according to the Information Office of Yantai 
Municipal People's Government. 

In both indoor and outdoor exhibition areas set up for the promotion event, 
distinctive "Yantai elements" were prominently featured everywhere -- ranging 
from Changyu wine, Luhua peanut oil, and Yantai apples, to Laiyang pears. 
Various exhibitors from Yantai showcased their "flagship products," spanning 
from national key industries to daily necessities, presenting a comprehensive 
and multi-level display of high-quality products from Yantai. This attracted 
the attention and prolonged the stay of both domestic and international guests. 

Entering the exhibition hall, the model of "Blue Whale 1," produced by CIMC 
Raffles, immediately captured the attention of the incoming guests. In the 
modern manufacturing exhibition area, models of domestically produced large 
aircraft and deepwater semi-submersible drilling platforms were unveiled, 
showcasing the "hardcore strength" of the high-quality development in Yantai's 
manufacturing industry. 

In addition to "Yantai Manufacturing," Yantai agricultural products such as 
Yantai apples, Laiyang pears, and Longkou vermicelli also received enthusiastic 
attention from Beijing residents and buyers. During the promotional event, Wang 
Yaping, a Hero Astronaut from Yantai, mentioned that the Shandong elements like 
Yantai apples and the aerospace refrigerator in the Shenzhou-13 manned 
spacecraft are symbols of encouragement and warmth from her hometown. 
Currently, the brand value of Yantai apples has reached 49.593 billion yuan, 
and its annual export volume accounts for 50% of the national apple exports, 
contributing significantly to the optimization and expansion of the 
agricultural industry development. 

As of now, Yantai has 32 brands selected in the first batch of the "REMARKABLE 
SHANDONG" list, ranking fourth in the province in terms of the number.

Source: Information Office of Yantai Municipal People's Government