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Tuesday, November 21 2023 - 20:41
"Home of Shatian Pomelos in China" - Rong County of Guangxi Promotes Improvement and Upgrade in Shatian Pomelo Industry
YULIN, China, Nov. 21, 2023 /Xinhua-AsiaNet/--

In recent days, the 2023 Rong County Shatian Pomelo Cultural Tourism Festival 
and "Meeting of Overseas Chinese in Guangxi and Shatian Pomelos of Beautiful 
Rong County - Tour of Homeland by Overseas Chinese" were held in Rong County, 

At the opening ceremony, "Shatian Pomelo Quality Assessment Gold Prize" awards 
were presented to the winners. In addition, the introduction of Rong County 
tourist routes revolving around themes such as the homeland of overseas Chinese 
and the charm of the home of Shatian Pomelos, exhibition and sales of unique 
local products, and Duqiao Mountain - Music Camping Festival were featured, 
according to the Publicity Department of the Rong County Committee. Relying on 
Shatian Pomelos as the focal point, these activities allowed guests from 
different areas to thoroughly experience the joys of picking Shatian Pomelos, 
savor the tastes of various Shatian Pomelo products, experience the charm of 
Shatian Pomelo engraving, paper-cutting and painting, revel in the magic of the 
homeland of overseas Chinese, and share in the merriment of harvest and 
beautiful life.

Located in the southeastern part of Guangxi and neighboring the Guangdong-Hong 
Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, Rong County is well-known for its extensive 
history, mesmerizing views, large number of distinguished individuals, profound 
culture and abundant natural resources. In particular, the world-famous Rong 
County Shatian Pomelo is often dubbed a "treasure" among Chinese fruits. 
According to the Publicity Department of the Rong County Committee, Shatian 
Pomelos have been cultivated in Rong County for more than 2,000 years, and the 
top-notch quality of the fruit has won numerous gold prizes in national Shatian 
Pomelo competitions, while "Rong County Shatian Pomelo" is Yulin City's first 
to be given national geographical indication status. Rong County has been 
variously named national-level Rong County Shatian Pomelo production 
standardization demonstration area, and national-level food and agricultural 
product export (Shatian Pomelo) quality and safety demonstration area. At 
present, there is a total of over 230,000 mu in Shatian Pomelo plantations 
capable of an annual production of roughly 360,000 tons of the fruit. This 
year, the industry is estimated to yield an output of around 40 billion yuan, 
and the Shatian Pomelo industry has risen as a viable way to vitalize the rural 
area and enrich Rong County locals.

In recent years, Rong County has adhered to the primary mission of high-quality 
development by speeding up the in-depth integration between agriculture and 
cultural tourism, giving full play to the county's advantage as a producer of 
the distinguished Shatian Pomelos, deepening integration of unique agricultural 
development with rural revitalization and leisure tourism, energetically 
developing leisure agriculture, sightseeing agriculture and ecological 
agriculture, actively cultivating rural tourism, rural e-commerce and other 
emerging industries and novel business models, and earnestly coordinating 
integrated development of the primary, secondary and tertiary industries in 
rural areas. Rong County has successfully blazed a unique pathway of economic 
progress, and its achievement is epitomized in various accolades such as Best 
Eco-Culture Tourism County in China, National Leisure Agriculture and Rural 
Tourism Demonstration County, Top 100 Counties for Potentials in County-level 
Tourism Development, Health Industry Development Demonstration County in 
Guangxi and Guangxi Unique Tourism County.

Source: The Publicity Department of the Rong County Committee

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   Caption: 2023 Rong County Shatian Pomelo Cultural Tourism Festival and 
"Meeting of Overseas Chinese in Guangxi and Shatian Pomelos of Beautiful Rong 
County - Tour of Homeland by Overseas Chinese" hosted in Rong County, Guangxi

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