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Wednesday, December 20 2023 - 20:18
Shandong College of Economics and Business Organizes "Intelligent Finance" Event and Wins First Prize
WEIFANG, China, Dec. 20, 2023 /Xinhua-AsiaNet/--

Recently, the 16th Shandong Vocational Colleges Skill Competition held the 
"Intelligent Finance" event for the higher vocational education group at 
Shandong College of Economics and Business. The competition, organized by the 
Education Department and the Industry and Information Technology Department of 
Shandong Province, was hosted by Shandong College of Economics and Business. It 
attracted participants from 36 vocational colleges across the province. 
Following intense competition, the team from Shandong College of Economics and 
Business was awarded the first prize.

The "Intelligent Finance" event is designed to align with the business reform 
and innovation needs of financial enterprises. Its goal is to enhance the 
operational capabilities of higher vocational education graduates in the field 
of finance, strengthen students' core competitiveness in the job market, 
showcase the achievements of reform in higher vocational education for 
financial majors, and lead the high-quality development of financial vocational 

Shandong College of Economics and Business, rooted in industry and serving its 
region, strategically develops distinctive majors based on the characteristics 
of finance and trade. It serves as a model to drive the coordinated development 
of other majors, boasting two high-level major groups in Shandong Province: 
Intelligent Accounting and Finance, and Modern Business Circulation in Rural 
Areas. In recent years, the college has precisely aligned itself with the needs 
of industrial upgrading, industry development, and the comprehensive growth of 
students. Adhering to the competition philosophy of "Promoting Reform, 
Education, Practice, and Learning through Competitions," the college has 
successfully integrated industrial demands with teaching needs. It has focused 
on aligning occupational skill competitions with the construction of 
professional courses, training bases, and faculty development. This approach 
aims to enhance the quality of talent cultivation in the finance and trade 
majors by promoting the adoption of new technologies and skills.

Source: Shandong College of Economics and Business

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   Caption: Opening ceremony of the 16th Shandong Vocational Colleges Skill 

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