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Monday, December 25 2023 - 13:00
Chinese premium NEV brand VOYAH highlights passionate users in New York Times Square
NEW YORK, Dec. 25, 2023 /Xinhua-AsiaNet/--

A group images of people recently appeared on the big screen in New York's 
Times Square, who are neither celebrities, nor idol stars, but ordinary people 
living in China and Europe.

However, they share a common identity: the enthusiasts and users of China's 
premium NEV brand VOYAH.

This is the first time that a Chinese NEV company put their users' image onto 
the screen of New York's Times Square, which seeks to echo users' steadfast 
support since the establishment of the brand.

"VOYAH is the representative and epitome of the rapid development of China's 
independent automobile brand," said Lu Fang, CEO of VOYAH Automobile Technology 

After 70 years of development, China's automobile has made leaps in brand, 
product and technology, rising to be the largest automobile exporter on earth, 
whose products have been exported to Europe and North America with high-quality 
travel experience for global users, according to Lu.

"We hope that more global exposure of outstanding Chinese cars and Chinese 
people would make world better understand China and choose more intelligent 
made-in-China products," Lu added. 

The Chinese displayed on the screen in Times Square are the outstanding 
representatives sustaining China's development in the new era. They include 
doctors serving patients during the COVID-19, citizens taking the initiative to 
participate in the rescue in the wildfires, hard-working entrepreneurs, and 
musicians pursuing their art dreams. They shine in their respective fields with 
various pursuits of the times. VOYAH also represents a steady, enterprising, 
responsible and sophisticated image.

Established in 2019, VOYAH is a high-end NEV brand in China, whose parent 
company Dongfeng Motor Corporation is one of the country's largest automobile 
manufacturers. VOYAH has a complete product layout including SUV product VOYAH 
FREE, MPV product VOYAH DREAM and sedan product VOYAH PASSION. It boasts 
leading technical capabilities in fields like NEV whole-vehicle platform, 
electronic and electrical structure, body and chassis, with the fastest patent 
growth rate in China's new energy industry.

VOYAH has also been active in exploring overseas markets. In June 2022, it 
officially entered Norway, becoming the youngest Chinese NEV brand to be 
present in the nordic country. So far VOYAH has entered Norway, the 
Netherlands, Denmark and other European countries, and won market attention 
with its high quality, high performance and reasonable prices. Now VOYAH FREE 
and VOYAH DREAM are available in Europe, and VOYAH PASSION plans to enter the 
European market in 2024.

As VOYAH's first product to enter the European market, VOYAH FREE is considered 
by European users to have a first-class product design and driving experience 
on par with mainstream luxury brands. VOYAH DREAM is a high-end new energy MPV 
with vector-control intelligent four-wheel drive system, magic carpet chassis, 
automatic parking, remote parking and other intelligent functions. VOYAH 
PASSION is an administrative-class sedan with a length of over 5 meters and an 
interior made of DINAMICA(R) suede material. Its PHEV version supports six 
power modes, which can achieve long battery life, super power and ultra-low 
energy consumption.

VOYAH is also a brand featuring the combination of Chinese and Western 
cultures. The logo comes from a legendary giant fish-bird spreading its wings 
in Taoist philosopher Chuang Tzu's A Happy Excursion. The English name VOYAH is 
inspired by the word Voyage and represents the integration of technology and 
nature. By integrating Chinese aesthetics into modern industrial design, VOYAH 
has created the style of Chinese elegance and redefined the cultural 
connotation of high-end NEV.

In 2024, VOYAH is expected to enter Germany, France, Italy and other European 
countries to continue its overseas expansion.

Source: VOYAH Automobile Technology Company

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   Caption: Chinese premium NEV brand VOYAH highlights passionate users in New 
York Times Square.