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Thursday, January 26 2023 - 01:12
FutureDial's New SMART Receive(TM) Solution Streamlines Mobile Phone Receiving and Handling Tasks at Processing Warehouses
SUNNYVALE, Calif., Jan. 25, 2023 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/ --

-- Configurable system greatly improves receiving and workflow routing of 
preowned mobile devices that are processed in refurbishing warehouses

FutureDial Incorporated ( 
) announced the launch of a groundbreaking solution for companies that 
refurbish iPhones and Android devices. FutureDial's SMART Receive(TM) solution 
consolidates receiving tasks for mobile phones entering refurbishing warehouses 
for inventory recording and device processing. The solution removes bottlenecks 
in the receipt and routing processes and dramatically improves workflow 
efficiencies. SMART Receive(TM) is another industry first from FutureDial, 
complementing their other automation solutions in testing (SMART Test(TM)) and 
cosmetic inspection (SMART Grade(TM)) and adding value on top of FutureDial's 
core software portfolio: Lean One Touch(TM), LeanAlytics(TM), and SMART Mobile 

SMART Receive(TM) integrates the various receiving tasks into a single station 
for logging essential information from incoming phones and quickly performs 
vital processing at the start of the line operation, such as battery charging 
and data-clearing. The system removes a lot of guesswork, empowering the human 
workforce at the warehouse to efficiently prepare and route numerous devices 
each day for the intended tasks further down the operation line.

Game-Changer for Mobile Supply Chain Operations

Being the first system to comprehensively consolidate and streamline the 
receiving tasks in mobile device warehouse operations, SMART Receive(TM) is 
recognized as a breakthrough solution for efficiently handling high volumes of 
incoming mobile phones. Steve Manning, FutureDial's Chief Strategy Officer, 
underscored how SMART Receive(TM) is a game-changer for the industry: "Most 
device refurbishing warehouses have multiple receiving stations to handle the 
huge number of devices coming in the loading docks each day. With our new 
solution, a single receiving station can handle all the preparation work needed 
for each phone that comes in, with no pre-sorting required. This enables 
warehouses to log, prepare, and process far more devices more efficiently and 
profitably than ever before."

Consolidates Receiving Tasks for More Efficient Workflows

SMART Receive(TM) employs dynamic workflow guidance to boost productivity while 
handling many different device models and business rules, saving time and 
reducing costly errors or inefficiencies in the receiving tasks. "SMART Receive 
brings together all the separate receiving tasks into a single, more efficient 
station, and takes away the guesswork, guiding the receiving staff in 
performing their tasks," noted Angel Anderson, FutureDial's Product Solution 
Manager for SMART Receive. "The system helps consolidate the order-of-operation 
workflow in receiving, and directs staff in which tasks to prioritize and when 
to perform them. Formerly repetitive tasks are aggregated in more efficient 
sequences for staff to perform, which saves time, effort, and money."

Automation Replaces Manual Receiving Tasks

Refurbishment managers can pre-configure device processing and routing so that 
system-directed activities will not require additional training; this makes the 
solution easier for even new staff to operate. With many formerly manual tasks 
now consolidated with SMART Receive(TM) automation software, staff are able to 
move more devices intelligently down the line for processing.
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