Country for PR: China
Contributor: Xinhua News Agency
Monday, April 24 2023 - 14:00
Guiyang, Guizhou: enjoy the digital age and embrace a smart life
GUIYANG, China, April 24, 2023 /Xinhua-AsiaNet/--

By promoting the integration and application of big data, Guiyang accelerates 
the digital transformation of the industry. A number of new technologies, new 
products and new models are constantly emerging, and the quality of life of the 
citizens has been continuously improved, according to 2023 China International 
Big Data Industry Expo Executive Committee.

Smart travel, enjoy the tour of whole city

"Take out your mobile phone, open the Guizhou Tong App, get on the bus and scan 
the code, and complete the payment with a 'di'." Recently, in Guiyang Shifeng 
Road bus station, young man Lin Liang boarded No.73 electric bus and remarked 
that the payment is really convenient.

Before traveling, it has become a habit for the citizen Liu Xin to open the 
Guiyang Smart Parking App to check the parking situation near the destination. 
"You just need to check on your phone to see the status of each parking lot, 
and you can also check the vacant parking space and the charge."

A mobile phone in hand, one click to pay

"This 24-hour unattended smart study is very convenient to borrow and buy 
books," Wang Miao, a citizen living in Yunyan District said.

Wang Yin, the responsible person of the study introduced that the smart study 
is supplement and innovation for the functions and service modes of existing 
physical bookstores, a self-service platform integrating the Internet of 
Things, cloud computing, Internet communication, remote monitoring and other 
technologies, forming resource sharing and information interaction with 
physical bookstores in the province, building home book house with which 
readers can enjoy self-help books reading and purchase services.   

In Guiyang, one-click payment has become the mainstream of consumption

In large supermarkets and malls, the number of electronic payment counters has 
gradually surpassed the manual checkouts. "Fast checkout, less queuing, good 
choice, more freedom! Electronic payment counters make consumption more 
leisurely," said a citizen named Zhao Nana.

Clicking the public account of Guiyang Maternal and Children Hospital and 
choosing the outpatient registration, users can see the registration 
information of all the doctors in the clinic as well as the fields of treatment 
the doctors specialize in. "Self-help choosing the doctors and consultation 
time saves a great deal of time," the citizen Yang Xiaojuan said.

Digital intelligence Guiyang, business handled via smart phones 

In recent years, by continuously promoting the construction of "Digital 
intelligence Guiyang", Guiyang has realized the handling of livelihood services 
such as social security, medical insurance, education, water, electricity, gas 
and communication on mobile phones. Now in Guiyang, data works more, and people 
run less.

Source: 2023 China International Big Data Industry Expo Executive Committee

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   Caption: Children experience the motion-sensing parkour game.