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Srinagar: Migratory birds at Dal Lake after heavy snowfall in Srinagar. PTI Photo

Srinagar: Migratory birds at Dal Lake after heavy snowfall in Srinagar. PTI Photo

South-Asian body against Trump's immigration policies

Washington, Feb 23 (PTI) A South-Asian rights group has
opposed the Trump administration's immigration plans, claiming
that over 450,000 illegal Indian immigrants who are living in
the US could be targeted by authorities.
The group said the "undocumented" Indian population is the
fourth such largest in the US after Mexico, El Salvador and
A day after the Department of Homeland Security issued two
detailed memos to implement the executive orders issued by
President Donald Trump on illegal immigrants, the South Asian
Americans Leading Together (SAALT) yesterday said that these
memos further relegate South Asian and all immigrant
communities to second-class citizenship, questioning America's
very place in the quintessential nation of immigrants.
"The scale of the President's anti-immigrant policies is
extreme, and the new administration appears hell-bent on
targeting and demonizing immigrant communities through orders
that actively undermine safety and public trust in law
enforcement," said Suman Raghunathan, executive director of
"Short-circuiting due process is not a crackdown on crime,
but a crackdown on rights and our very founding values as a
nation, and these measures must be opposed by all communities
of color," Raghunathan said.
SAALT said Trump's policies deeply affect the
South Asian-American community, the most rapidly growing
demographic group in the United States with a population of
over 4.3 million.
"India is the country of origin with the greatest increase
in unauthorised immigrants to the United States with a 914
percent increase since 1990," it claimed.
"Currently there are 450,000 undocumented Indian-Americans
in the US alone, making India the fourth-highest sending
country for undocumented immigrants after Mexico, El Salvador,
and Guatemala," it added.
The group alleged that the president's draconian policies
will force vulnerable communities to turn inward based upon
their fear of profiling and deportation at the hands of the
"Overall public safety will likely plunge as a result, as
entire communities continue to lose trust in the very law
enforcement professionals tasked with keeping them safe.
"As such, public safety does not increase, but instead
cripples under the weight of these short-sighted
anti-immigrant policies," SAALT said.
According to SAALT, the new policies of the Trump
Administration massively expand and accelerate detentions and
deportations, trample upon due process by in many cases
removing the requirement for hearings and convictions prior to
It also deputises local law enforcement to serve as
immigration enforcement authorities, and increase the
profiling and targeting of immigrant communities already under
siege in the wake of recent and controversial executive orders
released by this administration, the group said. PTI